Wood Stoves Cat vs Non Cat


When you purchase wood stoves, there are a number of elements to take into consideration: size, BTU, area where the wood stove will be located, venting options, freestanding vs. insert, style, etc., just to name a few. One other important factor which only a few realizes is whether or not to go with Non-catalytic wood stoves or Catalytic wood stoves. There are both unique advantages and disadvantages with either options, but first let us explore the difference between the two.

Non-catalytic wood stoves utilize a secondary combustion air (or air injection) brought out from the top of the stove via a stainless steel tube to burn the gas emitted from the wood. For the most part, these wood stoves achieve a great reduction in terms of emission. However, due to the introduction of the secondary air, the downside of Non-catalytic wood stoves is they do not achieve