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12150213 Whitfield Igniter Element - Premium

CODE: PP3500

Price: $99.00

Normally ships in 1-2 business days

Whitfield Part Number: 12150213
Whitfield Aftermarket Part

Part Description: Whitfield Pellet Stove Kwik-Fire™ Premium Igniter replacement Kit with 400 watt standard igniter. Fuse & Anti-Seize compound included. 1year warranty

Fits the following stove models.
Whitfield Pellet Stoves:

    Advantage II-T -WP2
    Advantage III -WP2
    Advantage II-T Classic -WP2
    Optima 2 FS
    Optima 3 FS
    Optima 3 INS
    Advantage Plus Freestanding
    Profile 20 Freestanding
    Profile 30 Freestanding
    Profile 30 Insert
    Traditions - T300P - P11- T300P-T301P-T305P-T308P
    Quest Plus Free standing
    Quest Plus Inserts