Quadrafire Pellet Stove Parts

Nevels Stoves offer quality Quadrafire pellet stove parts, both factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and quality aftermarket Quadrfire part for extra saving potential for you.

We stock a large selection of the more popular parts to fit the following pellet stove models. 800, 1000 and 1100i, Contour, 1200 Classic Bay, Castile, Mt. Vernon, Mt Vernon AE, Edge 60 and Santa Fe pellet stoves. Including Auger Motor, Convection Fans, burn pots, Circuit Boards (or control boards), with a complete line of gaskets, and thermo disk, just to name a few of the items.

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812-0330 / SRV230-0071 Quadrafire High Limit #2 Snap Disk

CODE: 812-0330_e

Quadrafire Number 2 High Limit Snap Switch for Both Pellet and Gas Stove. For gas stoves the switch is referred to as a spill switch. A photo of... More

812-4170 Quadrafire Feed Adjustment Plate

CODE: 812-4170

Normally Ships in 1-2 Business Days . Part Description: Quadrafire Feed Adjustment Plate Multiple pictures are provided for you to... More

Combustion Blower Quadrafire 812-3381

CODE: PP7621


Part Description:Quadrafire Quick Change Combustion Blower. Includes Blower impeller and necessary gasket for installation.
Fits Quadrafire 1200 Freestanding and 1200 Insert
Quadrafire Aftermarket Part:: Replaces Part Number 812-3381

Junction Box Quadrafire 1000 812-0192

CODE: 812-0192-e


Part Description:Quadrafire Junction Box
Fits Quadrafire 1000
Quadrafire Original Part::
Part Number 812-0192

Quadra-Fire 1200i Hopper Lid Hinge 812-4220

CODE: 812-4220


Part Description:Quadrafire Hopper Lid Hinge
Fits Quadrafire 1200 Insert
Quadrafire Original Part::
Part Number 812-4220

Quadra-Fire Ceramic Snap Disc SRV230-0960

CODE: SRV230-0960


Part Description:Quadrafire Thermodisc Limit Switch
Fits Quadrafire Contour and Mt.Vernon.
Quadrafire Original Part::
Part Number SRV230-0960

Quadra-Fire Door Corner Window Tape SRV7027-227

CODE: SRV7027-227


Part Description:Quadrafire Corner Window Tape.
Fits Quadrafire Castile FS and Insert, Edge 60 Fireplace, Mt Vernon FS and Insert, Santa Fe FS and Insert, Santa Fe B
Part Number SRV7027-227

Quadra-Fire Exhaust Blower Motor 812-4400

CODE: 812-4400


Part Description:Quadrafire Exhaust Blower Factory Original part complete with fan housing
Fits Quadrafire Castile FS and Insert, Contour, Santa Fe FS and Insert, Santa Fe B
Factory Original Part
Part Number 812-4400

Quadra-Fire Loop Igniter 812-3811

CODE: 812-3811


Part Description:Quadrafire Loop Igniter Element. Used to ignite the pellet for the EZ-Clean Fire Pot. Has a 6" lead wire, but does not come with the ceramic wire nuts.
Fits Quadrafire 800, 1000, 1100i, 1200, Contour.
Factory Original Part
Part Number 812-3811

Quadra-Fire Thermocouple Cover SRV7034-186

CODE: SRV7034-186

Quadra-Fire Thermocouple Cover
Part Number: SRV7034-186
Used for the following Quadrafire Stove Models: Edge 60, Mt. Vernon AE