Breckwell Pellet Stoves

Breckwell Pellet Stoves

Big EP23 P200 P23
If you are in the market for a pellet stove, you definitely should consider a Breckwell pellet stove.  Breckwell has been manufacturing pellet stoves for over 30 years, being one of the first manufacture from the beginning of the pellet-stove introduction.  Over the years Breckwell has set its mark as a quality manufacturer, specializing in pellet stoves rather then trying to manufacture different types of stoves, they have evolved as a leading pellet stove manufacture with the consumer in mind.  Most manufactures make their pellet stoves complicated over engineered pieces of equipment that will leave the consumer hanging when something goes wrong.  Breckwell on the other hand has with their many years of experience have simplified the stove, so that most consumers can repair the unit themselves once the problem has been diagnosed. 


Style has not been left behind as the Breckwell pellet stove evolved.  From basic to elegant, there is a wide choice to choose from.  From the basic Big E furnace, which can fit into any budget at the same time, maintaining the same quality of more elaborate units.  If elegance is desired Breckwell’s P2000 Tahoe has one of the largest glasses complete with a panoramic view of the fire, many models in between to satisfy any consumer, with a large range of accessories to trim out your stove the way you want it.  Complete with thermostats, logs, brick panels gold and nickel trim just to mention a few.

Efficiency is critical if you want to get the most heat out of every bag of pellets that you burn.  All Breckwell pellet stoves are certified and tested to over 90% efficiency.  Which ultimately reduces your cost of heating your home. 

Breckwell’s trained support team is always there ready to answer your questions and help diagnose any problems that may arrive with your stove.  Breckwell’s dedication to consumer support, maintains a complete inventory of parts for the new and older models of stoves.  There is no reason for your stove to go obsolete due to not being able to get the parts to repair your stove.