4 RPM Augar Motor

Breckwell C-E-010 4 RPM Auger Motor

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Breckwell 4 RPM (Rounds Per Minutes) after market Auger Motor. This Auger Motor fit older Breckwell models that have the analog control panel or the upgraded 301 Control Panel. The units turns Clock Wise when you are looking at the face of the Auger Motor.(See photo above.) Your motor may or may not have a small external fan, which is no longer used. (again see photo above for reference)

A picture is provided for you to compare to your existing Auger Motor.

After Market Part for Breckwell Part Number: C-E-010

Normally Ships in 1-2 Business Days
The auger motor ships free with orders over $49.00.

Fits the following stove models.
Breckwell Pellet Stoves:

  • P20 Cadet (all units
  • P23 6332 - 7165
  • Older P24 with 4 RPM Auger Motors up to 53663
  • P24 inserts up to 53794
  • All P26 Cadet all units
  • P32i Cadet Inserts all units
  • Older P2000 Up to 11779
  • P2000I Up To 22207
  • P2700 7900 to 8444
  • SP6000 Pre 2013