A-S-BURNPOT - Breckwell Burn Pot Assembly

CODE: A-S-Burnpot

Price: $168.60

Normally Ships in 1-2 Business Days.

Part Description: Replacement Breckwell® 2 Piece Burn Pot, Made with the Welded steel Shell with a
Separate Stainless Steel Insert. If your burn pot looks like the picture, but it is all one piece, the two piece
Pay special attention to the ilgnitor hole as different stoves can take different Burn Pots.
is the new upgrade version that works for your pellet stove..
A picture is provided for you to compare to your existing part.

Breckwell Original Part #A-S-BURNPOT
Fits the following stove models.
Breckwell Pellet Stoves:

  • P1000 Big E
  • P23 Sonora
  • P24 Blazer
  • P 2000 Tahoe
  • P2700 Mojave