Whitfield Auger Motor

12046300 Whitfield Auger Motor 1 RPM

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Whitfield Auger Motor for All Whitfield Pellet Stoves. Features a Premium Quality, 1 RPM (rounds per minute), counter clockwise auger motor. The rotation of the auger motor is determined by looking at the face of the auger motor This is a high quality after market part designed. for correct and ease of installation.

A pictures of the auger motor is provided for you to compare to your existing part.

Normally Ships in 1-2 Business Days
The auger motor ships free with orders over $49.00.

Whitfield Part Number:12046300
After Market Replacement Part# PP7000

Fits the following stove models.
Whitfield Pellet Stoves:

  • Advantage I (WP2)
  • Advantage II (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T (WP2)
  • Advantage III (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T Classic (WP2)
  • Advantage Plus (WP7)
  • Optima 2
  • Optima 3
  • Profile 20
  • Profile 30
  • Cascade (WP5)
  • Legend (WP1)
  • Prodigy I (WP3)
  • Prodigy II (WP3)
  • Quest (WP4)
  • Quest Plus (WP4)
  • T300P - (P11)
  • T301P - (P11)
  • T305P - (P11)
  • T308P - (P11)